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About Us

PT. Wingoh Albindo as a plastic injection manufacture company established in 1992 on a 5000 m² area, We currently employ over 200 people. Initialy we only produced custom plastic parts. when business expanded, we saw an increasing demand for plastic disposables cutlery. In 1998, we therefore established our own product lines of best quality cutlery products with a competitive price and elegant design. We have drinkware, container sauce, and many type / model of spoons, forks, knifes, tea spoons, tooth pick and the first in the world disposable plastic chopstick.

With a commitment to produce only good quality products and realiable services to our customers in Indonesia, we are proud to be the leading supplier of plastic cutlery for most of the top brand fast food industry in the world and in Indonesia. Besides cutlery, we also produce OEM Products, GARMENT ACCESSORIES such as tag pin, snap button, brassiere accessories, INDUSTRIAL PARTS Such as LPG Plastic Product, Agriculture Equipments Parts, and COMMERCIAL PARTS Such as Plastic Thumbler, Plastic Packaging Parts.

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